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How To Buy, Sell And Manage Apartment Buildings And Other Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties For Huge Cash Flow And Profits

My strategy for investing in real estate changed on the spot when I heard him say...

"I make over $15,000 per month in positive cash flow from my multi-family investments..."

Those words served as the catalyst for what has now been a successful 17 year career as a professional commercial real estate investor. Since the day I heard them I have bought, sold and managed for my own portfolio, many millions of dollars worth of commercial properties. This is in addition to structuring real estate syndicates and partnerships to acquire other commercial properties. And I have to say, that many of the most profitable deals along the way have been apartment buildings.

The gentleman who spoke those words to me had only been investing in multi-families (apartment buildings and townhouse complexes) for about 18 months, and already he had created a huge positive monthly cash flow for himself. I was enthralled to say the least. And, I wanted to know more!

At the time I had been focusing on investing in single-family homes. Buy, renovate (if necessary), rent out, and hold for the long-term appreciation. Not a bad strategy (and one that, in my opinion, is too often dismissed as inferior these days), but what I really wanted was CASH FLOW. I learned very quickly that you couldn't live on future appreciation. And if I have to be completely honest, I was hungry to start doing the BIG DEALS. I wanted to put together the type of real estate investment deals that could literally earn me hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in one transaction.

As it turns out, on my very first commercial real estate investment my profit was in the seven figure range. How did I do it? Well, to begin with I worked hard to make sure that I put all the pieces in place and gathered all the information I needed to ensure that when the right deal presented itself, I was ready.

Keep in mind that when I started out, getting good information about investing in commercial real estate, including apartment complexes, was very difficult. There was the odd book in the library, (I had read Trump's "The Art Of The Deal") but I found that most of those books gave you the "30,000 foot" view. I needed the down to earth nitty-gritty stuff. I needed the information that wasn't available to the average person.

I had to go and dig it up myself.

Having just completed an MBA in Finance a few years earlier, I combined my new-found information with my finance background and set to work to develop a solid real estate investment strategy.

In the end I devised a real estate investment formula for commercial properties that I still use to this day. Sure I have changed and added strategies along the way, but the basic premise of my theory has served me very well these past 17 years.

And the best part is, I am inviting you to share in my experiences.

I will outline the basics for you so that you can approach your first apartment building real estate investment with confidence. You can learn from my successes and perhaps more importantly, my mistakes. I will share real life examples to illustrate important points. And in many instances I will provide you with actual forms, contracts, reports, etc. that you must become familiar with in order to truly understand this business.

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