How To Find Free Commercial Property Listings Both Online And Off

Finding free commercial property listings in today's "internet information age" is easier than ever. In fact, it's hard to fathom how far things have come since I started investing in commercial property fifteen years ago.

"Back then" if you wanted to find commercial real estate for sale, it was important to have contacts with several well informed commercial real estate agents. This was the primary source for all listings. The listing agent on a property would send out the information to other commercial realtors, and if you wanted to find deals, you had to be in the loop so to speak. This is not to say that the internet has made this type of networking redundant. I still highly recommend that you cultivate relationships with commercial realtors in order to find deals.

Commercial Real Estate Newspapers

Commercial real estate newspapers have been, and still are, an excellent resource to find property for sale or lease. Most of these types of publications cover large geographic areas, sometimes an entire state or province, and are typically published monthly. I have always found these type of publications an excellent way to research and find both local property and out of town properties. (If you are willing to consider investing in long distance properties, this can in fact increase your chances of finding deals that fit your parameters. Some of my most profitable deals have been located far from where I live.)

Of course, your local newspaper is also a good source for free commercial property listings. I know this from first hand knowledge. It was in my local newspaper that I found my very first commercial deal (a for sale by owner commercial property that eventually earned me a profit of over $2 million).

Using The Internet To Find Free Commercial Real Estate Listings

The internet has made finding information on just about anything so much easier. Commercial real estate listings are no exception.

And although there is still no such animal as a commercial real estate multiple listing service, there are many sites on the net where you can go to find commercial properties for sale and/or lease.

The most prominent of those sites is Loopnet , which bills itself as "#1 in Commercial Real Estate Online". This site offers free commercial property listings to sellers and/or brokers who have commercial real estate for sale or lease. For buyers, the service is free for a basic membership and starts at $29.95 per month for the premium membership.

Another service Loopnet offers is the ability to research recent sales in the market you are interested in. You can pay on a per sale basis or sign up for a monthly membership to access unlimited comps.

Loopnet lists properties from all over the world.

Another site called CoStar Group bills itself as the "#1 Commercial Real Estate Information Company In The U.S. and U.K." Up until June 2008, CoStar was a paid service site. However, they now offer free commercial property listings for both buyers and sellers with no registration required. There's a catch though. The free service only gives you access to about 1/2 the listings. Want more info like comps and market research? No problem. They offer these services for a fee.

There are many more localized sites offering free commercial property listings that are too numerous to list. These more "niche" sites will perhaps list properties in the areas you are searching that will not be found on Loopnet or CoStar.

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