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The Only Property Investment Advice  You Need For Any Market, Anywhere, Anytime

Would you like some property investment advice that when followed will almost guarantee that you can make money with any real estate investment? I can almost hear you saying "Who wouldn't".

Alright, I'll start with a hint. It's not location, location, location. In fact, some of my most profitable real estate investments have been in locations that are not "sexy" by any stretch of the imagination.

Here's another hint. It has nothing to do with "nothing down". No amount of fancy financing makes up for a bad deal.

OK, no more hints. Let's get to the heart of my property investment advice...

All Of My Most Profitable Real Estate Investments Had One Thing In Common...

As I look back over my 14 years of real estate investing experience, and then look closely at my best deals (ie. the ones that made me the most money) they all had one thing in common. Every one of my most profitable real estate deals were purchased well below market value. Sometimes more than 20% below market.

The very first commercial real estate deal I did, I was able to negotiate a purchase price that was 22% below the current market value for the property. I put $350,000 of "profit" into my pocket the day I closed!

One of my early real estate investment "mentors" if you will always said... "You make the most money on the day you buy a property". And he was right. You have to find great deals and negotiate hard to get a price that almost guarantees you a profit right out of the gate.

How Do You Know When You Are Buying Below Market Value?

Here's an easy way to figure that out. Ask yourself this question. "Could I sell the property right now for more than I am paying for it? If the answer is an honest "yes" then you are on the right track. Now, that may seem oversimplified, but if you have a system in place to identify and act upon the below market deals it is the fastest way to real estate investment success.

Why Does This Property Investment Advice Work In Any Market, Anywhere, Anytime?

The reality is, there are no such things as good real estate markets and bad real estate markets. There are only good deals and bad deals. Lots of people make "bad" deals in what are perceived to be "good" markets and vice versa.

Every piece of property, in every market has a value. If you can buy that property for less than 80% of what it is worth, you will almost always guarantee yourself a profit. And that is about the best property investment advice I can offer.

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