Getting Started In Real Estate Investing

Can You Become A Successful Apartment Building Investor?

First things first. Real estate investing is a business, not a hobby!

If you treat it like a hobby, you will get paid like it's a hobby.

Or worse.

You could lose your shirt. Especially if you do not know what you are doing, and lack a sound investment strategy .

Let me be clear. I am not trying to scare you off, but rather, I am trying to enlighten you to the cold hard facts. Although potentially very lucrative, real estate investment (especially at the commercial level), is not an easy way to GRQ (Get Rich Quick).

"Get Rich Quick" is a myth.

I know this may seem like an odd introduction to apartment building investment. Especially since it is coming from someone who has created a great deal of wealth and cash flow, investing in apartment buildings, commercial real estate and single-family homes. In fact, my very first commercial property generated a profit of over 2 million dollars and served as the stepping-stone for me to enjoy a 14 year career (and counting) in the commercial real estate investing business.

I also realize that unfortunately many people would rather hear how easy it is to become successful in real estate, than hear the cold hard truth about this business. On that note, beware of much of the free advice that you find on the internet that pertains to real estate. And remember, at the very least, it takes a solid education , hard work, persistence and guts.

Yes, GUTS!

Getting started in real estate investing

But, if you are serious about learning, and succeeding as an investor (in any type of property), then I am confident that my experiences, as laid out in this website, will be invaluable to you. Will you become a wealthy apartment building investor? Well, I cannot guarantee you that. But neither can anyone else.

There are many people and organizations out there that try and sell people on the fact that...

anyone can be successful investing in real estate.

Of course, they are trying to sell you their latest and greatest real estate course. You know the one. It's so simple and straightforward that anyone can use it to become a highly successful (read: RICH) investor.

So what is the truth? Can anyone become successful investing in real estate.

Wow. Tough question. Where do I start?

Let me try an analogy.

Why are some people successful when it comes to operating restaurants/bars (taverns/pubs etc. depending on what country you live in) while others fail miserably? Can anyone be successful in the restaurant business? Clearly not. I believe the failure rate for new restaurants is over 90% within the first 2 years of operation. (Maybe I'm off on those stats but you see my point.) Therefore, it is possible for anyone to succeed at the restaurant business, just not everyone.

The same holds true for real estate.

Although in theory anyone can succeed as a real estate investor, it is just not possible that everyone will. I hope that makes sense.

So what is it that separates the successful investor from the "not-so" successful ones.

My objective with this apartment building investing website is really twofold:

1. To provide you with invaluable information (gleaned from over 14 years of apartment building and commercial property investing) that you can actual use to begin investing in multi unit buildings.

but also

2. To help you determine (again, based on the sharing of my experiences in this business) whether or not apartment investing is really right for you.

Now, before you decide one way or the other, I urge you to read as much as you can on this website. I have "spilled my guts", and continue to spill them so to speak, to try and provide you with the information you need to either get started in this business or decide that apartment complex investment just isn't for you.

I did not write this website to try and convince people who should not be investing in commercial property, to run out and purchase a 50 unit apartment building.

I did, however, try and give you a true and unedited look into my real estate investing business so that you can make informed decisions, both now, and down the road when you are working on your first deal.

Take Your First Step...

Are you ready to get started? Alright. Here are 3 things you can do right now to take that first step.

1. Get yourself a good, inexpensive course on investing in apartment buildings. Do not go out and spend $1,500 on a course or $5,000 on a seminar right out of the gate. To that end, a colleague of mine has prepared a course on how to invest in your first apartment building . It teaches you the basics of what you need to know and at a fair price.

A caveat on real estate courses, books and seminars. There is only so much that you can learn from these mediums. At some point you have to get out there and apply your new found knowledge. You cannot simply educate yourself endlessly and hope to become successful.

2. Sign up for my apartment building investment newsletter . Is this shameless self promotion? Perhaps. But the best way to stay on top of the developments at is to subscribe to my free newsletter.

3. Come back and read the information on this site often. I try and go beyond what other people teach, and give you real life insight into my real estate business. Most of what I teach at this site, I learned through the school of hard knocks.

Below I have compiled a series of articles to help you get started in what one of my high school teachers used to call "the battle against ignorance".

Or in this case...

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