The Must Have Real Estate Investment Calculator

The proper real estate investment calculator is an absolute must if you are serious about any type of real estate investing. Let alone commercial real estate investing.

Here is a photo of the calculator that I use every day. In fact, in over 14 years as a real estate investor there have not been many days that have gone by that I didn't pick up and use this calculator at least once. My wife jokes that my calculator is glued to my hand. Hey, what can I say. I'm a "numbers" type of guy. When I look at an investment property I want the numbers first, pretty pictures and descriptions later if necessary.

real estate investment calculator

This is the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Business Analyst Calculator.

If you want to be successful in this business, get yourself one, and learn how to use it (and I don't mean just the add and subtract functions). What this real estate finance calculator actually does is beyond the scope of this page. However, I invite you to visit my discussion of real estate investment financial analysis for a comprehensive look at the topic.

In addition to using this real estate calculator as an analysis tool, I have found it helpful to integrate spreadsheet analysis into the investment analysis mix. Not only is a properly formatted spreadsheet a great way to speed up your real estate analysis, it allows you to run "what if" scenarios and serves as an efficient way to store the financial data of a deal.

Here is a spreadsheet analyzer that I recommend. You can also download some free landlording forms as well.

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