Real Estate Investment Education

Do You Need A University Degree To Be A Successful Investor?

What is the best way to get a real estate investment education? University? A real estate investment weekend seminar? The bookstore?

A real estate investment course? School of hard-knocks? Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member with some experience who can show you the ropes.

First of all let me say this.

Generally speaking the more education a person has, the more money they will make. Period. If anyone can show me a study that disproves that statement I would like to see it. There are of course exceptions. Grade school drop-outs that have gone on to make millions for example. But betting on the fact that you will be one of those exceptions is a very risky proposition.

So when I hear a so-called investment guru (real estate, stock market, etc.) put down a formal education as unnecessary at best and perhaps even useless, I cringe. Of course I realize that it is nothing more than part of their sales pitch. The "anyone can do this" sales pitch.

Making A Case For Real Estate Investment Education

Let me ask you a question.

Regardless of what you think of Donald Trump as a person, would you not agree that he would be considered a successful real estate investor/developer? (Perhaps you could even say very successful?) And how did he choose to educate his two oldest children? Did he sit them down for a four day intensive "Trump Real Estate Investment Education Seminar" and then send them off to make their millions?

No. What did he do? He sent them to the Wharton School of Business, the same school that he attended.

So ask yourself. Why would arguably the most high profile (not necessarily the most successful) real estate investor in America send his children off to university for four years when they could have learned the real estate business at the feet of a guru?

My Real Estate Investment Education

Before I started my first commercial real estate investment company I earned an undergraduate degree in Economics and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. In 2006, Schulich's MBA program was ranked 12th and 13th in the world by Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal respectively, beating out schools such as Harvard, Wharton, Stanford and Chicago.

I am confident that my formal education played a major role in the success of my real estate investing career.

Was my real estate investment education complete after finishing university? Hardly. In fact, the toughest "degree" I earned was learning how to profit through real estate investment. (Notice that I said "profit" not "purchase". Anyone can purchase investment real estate, it's profiting from it that is the hard part. Do not let anyone tell you differently.)

When I was starting out 14 years ago I basically had to teach myself the business. I drew upon my own formal education. I spoke with other real estate professionals (commercial realtors, developers, investment companies etc.) I observed what other "successful" real estate investors were doing. No one laid it all out in front of me. Eventually I formulated my own real estate investment business plan. A plan that I have used successfully for the past 14 years and counting. One that is profitable and truly is "for the rest of us."

Sidebar: In terms of having access to the information and educational material necessary to get started in apartment/commercial real estate investment, you are miles ahead of where I was when I was starting out 14 years ago. First of all, you have 24 hour access to this web site, which I will personally be adding to on an ongoing basis. It is my goal that through this web site I can educate and motivate you to become a successful commercial real estate investor.

Second, there are some good courses available (at a fair price) that will help you form a solid educational foundation for investing in apartment buildings. Of course, this is only the beginning of your education, because let's face it, there is only so much you can learn from a book, course or seminar. The rest you learn by doing.

A colleague of mine has written a course that I recommend if you are searching for information on how to purchase that ever so elusive first apartment building or commercial property.

Final Thoughts On Real Estate Investment Education

Can you become extremely "successful" and wealthy without much of a formal education? Sure. But statistics say the odds are stacked against you. Can you become a successful real estate investor without a university degree? Absolutely!


That does not mean that a university degree is "useless" when it comes to real estate.

The same qualities that one must possess in order to earn a university degree are typically the same ones that determine success in anything in life. Real estate investment included...

  • Hard work
  • Focus
  • Persistence
  • Proactiveness
  • Brains
  • and Motivation

If you are prepared to do whatever it takes to obtain the real estate investment education necessary and then consistently apply what you have learned, you can be successful and wealthy in this business.

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